Daily Productive Sharing 262 - A Reading List by Sahil Lavingia

Daily Productive Sharing 262 - A Reading List by Sahil Lavingia
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Gumroad is a platform for creator. Its founder, Sahil Lavingia, was a teenager who was the second full-time employee of Pinterest at the age of 19 and then left without cashing in his Pinterest options for the Gumroad startup dream. Because Gumroad had a great start, with more than 50,000 visitors on its first day online and a top VC investment very early on. But going the VC route meant they had to be accountable to the investment, not just to the users. So they had to grow super fast, which was not in line with their philosophy, so Sahil bought back all of Gumroad's stocks and started growing on their own. It was an extremely difficult road to grow a business, but what kept Sahil going for so many years? Maybe his book list is his secret weapon.

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Sahil's Recommended Books

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Gumroad 是一个创意者平台,它的创始人 Sahil Lavingia 曾经少年成名,他是 Pinterest 的第二位全职员工,当时才19岁,然后为了 Gumroad 创业梦,并未兑现 Pinterest 的期权就离开了。

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