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目前我们使用的是 Stripe,所有付费用户的订阅/续订等等都由它统一打理:

  1. Stripe 支持最好的是 Master/Visa 等国际信用卡,以及 Apple Pay / Google Pay 等国际通用的移动支付;
  2. 使用上述方案支付的话,默认自动续订,也就是后续会自动扣款;
  3. 自动续费前,你会收到 Stripe 的邮件提醒:如果续订的话,你不需要做任何事,扣费成功之后,你会收到 Stripe 的邮件;如果想取消的话,请点击邮件内的链接。;
  4. 银联卡也可以支付,但是银联拒付的概率非常高,会导致付费订阅失败;
  5. Stripe 也支持支付宝,微信支付,但是无法自动续订;

综上,我们优先推荐 Visa / Master 等国际信用卡/借记卡支付,或者使用绑定这些卡的 Apple Pay / Google Pay 支付。



  1. 如果你忘记取消订阅又被扣款,请发邮件至 payment (2),我们会全额退款,请不要直接向银行举报;
  2. 如果你对我们的内容或者服务不满意,请发邮件至 payment (2),我们会全额退款,请不要直接向银行举报。
  3. 如果你使用支付宝,退款只能在交易后的90天内发起,逾期将无法退款。
  4. 如果你使用微信支付,退款只能在交易后的180天内发起,逾期将无法退款。



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Payment Q&A

Currently, we use Stripe to handle all subscriptions and renewals for our paying users:

  1. Stripe provides excellent support for credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa, as well as mobile payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  2. When using the aforementioned payment methods, automatic renewal is the default setting, which means subsequent payments will be deducted automatically.
  3. If you forget to cancel your subscription and are charged, please email us at payment (2) We will prioritize handling the situation promptly. Please refrain from directly reporting unauthorized charges to your bank.

Based on the above, we recommend prioritizing payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, and using Apple Pay or Google Pay with these cards linked. Other payment methods have a higher probability of failure.

Thank you!