Daily Productive Sharing 1001 - Changes After Turning 30

Eventually, the mean evens out. Then you’re just yourself again, not special or better, just you.

Daily Productive Sharing 1001 - Changes After Turning 30
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What Changes in Mentality Occur After Turning Thirty? According to Ryan Holiday:

  1. Perception by Others: People around you will gradually catch up to you, and you will no longer be described as "the young...". You won't feel special anymore and will have a more peaceful view of yourself.
  2. Attitude Towards Money and Success: Compared to your twenties, you will be better at handling money and success, viewing them with more detachment.
  3. Value of Time: You will place greater importance on time and be more patient when dealing with waiting.

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跨入三十岁之后心态有什么变化?Ryan Holiday 认为有以下几点:

  1. 身边的人会慢慢赶上你,人们也不会再以“年轻的...”来修饰你,你不再觉得自己特别,你会更平和地看待自己;
  2. 比起二十多岁的自己,你可以更好地面对金钱和成功,对它们也看得更淡;
  3. 对时间更重视,也能更平和地面对等待。

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