Daily Productive Sharing 1002 - Useful and Ignored Skills

Respecting luck as much as you respect risk.

Daily Productive Sharing 1002 - Useful and Ignored Skills
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One helpful tip per day:)

What useful skills are often overlooked? Morgan Housel introduces the following:

  1. Respect for Different Opinions: Maintain respect for those with differing viewpoints and be willing to continue communicating with them.
  2. Engage in Brief Conversations: Have a ten-minute conversation with anyone.
  3. Concise Communication: Clearly and succinctly state your points, getting straight to the point.
  4. Politely Saying No: Say "no" with politeness and empathy.
  5. Respect for Risk and Luck: Maintain respect for both risk and luck.
  6. Understanding Outcomes: Recognize that achieving good results doesn't necessarily mean you did everything right, and getting bad results doesn't mean you did everything wrong.

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哪些有用的技巧常常被人忽视?Morgan Housel 介绍了这一些:

  1. 对那些持不同观点的人保持敬意,并且愿意继续和他们沟通;
  2. 和任何人进行十分钟的对话;
  3. 简明扼要地阐述你的观点,直击要点;
  4. 有礼貌有共情地说“不”;
  5. 对风险和运气都保持敬意;
  6. 明白自己获得好的结果并不一定在于做对了一切,获得不好的结果不一定在于做错了所有的一切。

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