Daily Productive Sharing 1003 - Better Documents

Stop overusing formatting!

Daily Productive Sharing 1003 - Better Documents
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One helpful tip per day:)

How to Write More Understandable Documents? Anil Dash Offers Some Valuable Advice:

  1. Consider Your Readers: The most important thing is to think about what your readers want. View the document from their perspective and empathize with them.
  2. Avoid Excessive Formatting: Do not overuse bold, colors, or other formatting options, as these can distract your readers.
  3. Prioritize Key Points: When using bullet points, consider the order of importance. This helps eliminate irrelevant arguments and ensures clarity.
  4. Ask Guiding Questions: When posing questions in your document, make sure they guide the reader towards an answer. Avoid questions that add unnecessary burden.
  5. Use Questions to Engage: Start with questions to prompt reader thinking and conclude by restating your main points to reinforce your argument.

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如何写出更易懂的文档?Anil Dash 给出了一些宝贵建议:

  1. 最重要的是考虑你的读者想要什么,从他们的角度考虑,与他们共情;
  2. 不要过度使用加粗/加颜色等格式,这些只会干扰你的读者;
  3. 使用要点需要考虑重要性的排序,当然它的潜在好处是帮助你排除不相关的论点;
  4. 当你在文章中提问时,要确保这些问题可以引导读者回答,否则只会徒增负担;
  5. 开头可以用提问的方式来引导读者思考,结尾处可以重申你的论点,加强印象。

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