Daily Productive Sharing 1004 - Managing The Motivation

The trick, is that you can almost always make these less painful.

Daily Productive Sharing 1004 - Managing The Motivation
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One helpful tip per day:)

How to Stay Motivated? Marcus Buffett Shares His Insights:

  1. External Stimuli: He understands that external stimuli help him stay motivated, so he uses Discord to monitor subscriptions and payments, using these updates to keep himself energized.
  2. Leaving Tasks for the Next Day: At the end of each day, he always leaves a small task unfinished for the next day. This way, he can start the next day by solving the previous day's problem, which makes him more excited to work.
  3. Finding Easier Solutions: When faced with difficult problems, there are often easier ways to solve them. Finding these solutions can not only resolve the current issue but also teach you something new.
  4. Taking Short Breaks After Distractions: After being distracted, don't try to focus immediately. Take a few minutes to clear your mind before starting work again.
  5. Working with a Partner: Find a partner to work with. The biggest advantage is mutual accountability, which helps keep you motivated.
  6. Avoiding Completely Empty Days: Don’t let your day be completely empty. If you want to relax, it's hard to do so without any prior work. It's better to finish a small task first and then take a break.

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如何保持动力?Marcus Buffett 给出了自己的心得:

  1. 他明白外部的刺激更能让他保持动力,所以他利用 Discord 监测订阅和付费,利用这些更新刺激自己;
  2. 每天结束时,他总是留一点尾巴给第二天,这样第二天一开始工作就能解决前一天的问题,这样一来让他更加兴奋;
  3. 遇到一些难题的时候,总会有一些更轻松的解决方式,只要找到这些方式,不仅能解决面前的问题,还有可能让你学到新东西;
  4. 分心完之后,不要试图立马能够专心工作,可以放空几分钟再开始工作;
  5. 找一个搭档和你一起工作,最大的好处就是相互负责,这样能够督促自己努力;
  6. 不要让一天完全空白,这样即使你想放空也无法专心放空,不如先完成一点工作,再放空。

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