Daily Productive Sharing 1006 - Outside

It’s okay to be outside. We’re outside of most things.

Daily Productive Sharing 1006 - Outside
Photo by Rodrigo Silva / Unsplash

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How to deal with complex matters? Paul W. Homer suggests approaching from an outside perspective:

  1. two perspectives: we can view complex matters from both external and internal perspectives. generally, only by adopting an internal perspective can we truly understand these complexities.
  2. underestimating complexity: when we observe these matters from an external perspective, we often underestimate their complexity.
  3. assume external position: it's best to assume that we are always on the outside, as there is more we do not understand than we know.
  4. never reaching the bottom: always assume we have never reached the bottom, and that it is still far away. the deeper we dig, the more complexities we will unravel.

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如何应对复杂事物?Paul W. Homer 认为从外部视角着手处理复杂事物是一个不错的选择:

  1. 我们可以从外部和内部两个不同的视角来看待众多的复杂事物,通常而言,只有进入内部视角才能真正理解这些复杂事物;
  2. 当我们从外部视角来观察这些事物时,往往会低估它们的复杂程度;
  3. 我们最好假设自己一直处在外部,因为我们不理解的部分要比我们知道的部分要多;
  4. 最好始终假设我们从未到达底部,而且底部还很远。这样挖得越深,我们解开的复杂性就越多。

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