Daily Productive Sharing 1007 - 37 Lessons

The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.

Daily Productive Sharing 1007 - 37 Lessons
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What insights come at the age of 37? Ryan Holiday shares his 37 reflections, many of which are insightful:

  1. Success and Failure as Delayed Signals: Both success and failure are delayed signals. What can we do now to increase the likelihood of future success?
  2. Daily Choices of Happiness: George Raveling says he asks himself one question every morning: You have two options today, to feel happy or to feel very happy. Which do you choose?
  3. Focus on the Process: Often, results are just byproducts of the process. As long as you focus on the process itself, the results will naturally follow.
  4. Inevitable March Towards Death: Regardless of what you do, you are moving towards death. The best you can do is to try to delay this process as much as possible.

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人到37岁会有哪些感悟?Ryan Holiday 分享了他的37条感悟,其中有不少洞见:

  1. 成功也好,失败也好,都是延迟的信号。那么我们现在能做什么,让今后的成功概率大一些?
  2. ⁠George Raveling 说他每一天起床会问自己一个问题:你今天有两个选项,一个是感到快乐,一个是感到很快乐,你选哪个?
  3. 很多时候,结果只是过程的副产品,只要专注在过程本身就好,结果自然就会到来;
  4. 无论如何,你都朝着死亡的方向在前进,你能做的就是,尽量延缓这一过程。

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