Daily Productive Sharing 1008 - Writing is Learning

Writing is not the outcome of thinking—it is thinking.

Daily Productive Sharing 1008 - Writing is Learning
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Is writing just writing? Eugene Yan believes writing, reading, and note-taking are inseparable:

  1. Reading Starts the Writing Process: True writing begins with reading. With this mindset, we can read more attentively.
  2. Writing as a Form of Thinking: Writing itself is a way of thinking. It helps clarify thoughts and aids in learning and understanding new concepts.
  3. Varied Reading for Different Energy Levels: Reading different genres requires different levels of focus. Eugene reads three books simultaneously: one technical or self-improvement book that requires the most focus, one relatively lighter non-fiction or biography, and one easy-reading science fiction novel. He switches between them as needed.
  4. Note-Taking for Knowledge Assimilation: Taking notes helps digest information better, organize it, and add it to your knowledge base.
  5. Using the Zettelkasten Method: Since adopting the Zettelkasten note-taking method, he has been able to organize his knowledge more effectively—linking ideas and topics, and compiling them into a topic box.

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写作仅仅是写作吗?Eugene Yan 认为写作,阅读和笔记三者密不可分:

  1. 真正的写作其实从阅读就开始,带着这样的心态,我们回更专心地阅读;
  2. 写作本身就是一种思考,它能够帮助你理清思路,帮助你更好地学习和思考一个新事物;
  3. 阅读不同题材会消耗不同的精力,所以 Eugene 会同时读三本书,一本是最需要专注的技术类书籍或者自我提升类书籍,一本是相对轻松的非虚构或者传记类作品,最后还有一本最轻松的科幻小说。他可以换着读;
  4. 记笔记可以帮助你更好地消化知识,让你更好地整理它们,并且把它们添加到你的知识树里;
  5. 自从他改用了 Zettelkasten 笔记之后,他能更好地整理自己的知识点 -- 将点子与话题关联,然后整理到一个话题匣子里。

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