Daily Productive Sharing 1009 - Quiet Compounding

A focus on long-term endurance over short-term comparison.

Daily Productive Sharing 1009 - Quiet Compounding
Photo by Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash

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How to Get Rich Quietly? Morgan Housel Shares His Perspective:

  1. Internalize Personal Metrics: Make wealth a measure of internal satisfaction rather than external validation.
  2. Recognize Individual Differences: Understand that everyone is different, and what works for others may not work for you.
  3. Focus on Independence: Prioritize personal independence over seeking approval from others.
  4. Long-term Gains Over Quick Wealth: Concentrate on long-term financial gains rather than aiming to get rich quickly.

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如何才能闷声发大财?Morgan Housel 给出了他的看法:

  1. 将其内化为内心的衡量标准;
  2. 认可每个人是不同的,他人发财的方法不一定适用于自己;
  3. 更关注独立,而不是他人的认可;
  4. 更关注长期的收益,而不是一夜暴富。

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