Daily Productive Sharing 1012 - Wrong Destination

My catalyst came at the end of 3.5 grueling miles. It came after 34 years of focusing on myself.

Daily Productive Sharing 1012 - Wrong Destination
Photo by Francesco Ungaro / Unsplash

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What happens if you sprint too early after mistaking the finish line? Nick Maggiulli, during a recent 3.5-mile jog, mistakenly sprinted twice before reaching the actual finish line and ended up collapsing at the end. This experience reminded him:

  1. Even if he had finished slowly, it would not have had any significant impact on his life, so why rush?
  2. The real reason for his rush was that he cared too much about the result, neglecting the true purpose of the race—enjoying the beauty of Central Park with his colleagues.
  3. He realized that this was actually quite selfish. Rushing not only caused him to miss out on appreciating the scenery but also harmed his health.

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如果看错终点线提前冲刺会怎么样?Nick Maggiulli 正在最近的一场3.5英里的慢跑比赛中,两次看错终点,提前冲刺,最终晕倒在终点线。这一经历提醒他:

  1. 哪怕慢慢跑完,也不会有对他的人生有什么影响,为什么要这么着急呢?
  2. 他着急的真正原因在于他太在意结果,而忽略这场比赛的本意 -- 与同事一同享受纽约中央公园的美景;
  3. 他认为这样其实很自私,这么着急不仅让他错失欣赏美景的机会,还损害了他的健康。

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