Daily Productive Sharing 1014 - Facing Death

We can control risk, but we can’t eliminate it.

Daily Productive Sharing 1014 - Facing Death
Photo by Vadim Sadovski / Unsplash

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What would you do if you suddenly found out you had terminal lung cancer? 61-year-old financial writer Jonathan Clements shared his insights and plans:

  1. Financial planning is about preparing for uncertainty, and the diagnosis made him realize this even more.
  2. Having experienced and gone through a lot in his youth, he is now able to face the present calmly.
  3. Even in his current situation, he still believes that life has meaning and that these meanings should be pursued.

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当你突然得知得了末期肺癌会怎么办?61岁的理财作家 Jonathan Clements 分享了他的感悟和计划:

  1. 理财就是为了面对不确定性,而确诊让他更加体会到这一点;
  2. 因为年轻时经历了很多,体验了很多,这让他现在能够平静地面对当下;
  3. 即使在目前的状况下,他也仍旧认为生活存在意义,要去实现中这些意义。

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