Daily Productive Sharing 1016 - The Foundations for a Good Life

The challenge is that any particular foundation is rarely your sole focus.

Daily Productive Sharing 1016 - The Foundations for a Good Life
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Scott Young identifies several pillars essential to a fulfilling life—exercise, reading, productivity, diet, sleep, intimate relationships, and financial management. These pillars are interconnected and essential for overall well-being:

  1. Personal Responsibility: Each pillar requires our personal effort and cannot be outsourced to others.
  2. Simplicity Amidst Busyness: These pillars are not mysterious; rather, in our busy lives, we often fail to focus on them.
  3. Interconnectedness: The pillars complement each other and are indispensable. For example, maintaining health requires balancing exercise, diet, and sleep. For mental health, intimate relationships are also crucial.
  4. Sufficient Effort Over Perfection: Most of these pillars exhibit diminishing returns, meaning that doing them well enough is sufficient, and perfection is unnecessary.

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人生的支柱有哪些?Scott Young 指出有这些 -- 锻炼,阅读,生产力,饮食,睡眠,亲密关系,理财等等。这些支柱相辅相成:

  1. 这些支柱都需要我们亲力亲为,无法由他人代劳;
  2. 这些支柱并不神秘,只是在繁忙的生活中,我们无法专注在这些支柱上;
  3. 这些支柱相辅相成,缺一不可。比如要保持健康,就必须兼顾锻炼,饮食和睡眠,如果考虑心理健康的话,还要考虑亲密关系;
  4. 当然这些支柱大多都有边际效应,也就意味着你只要做得足够好即可,无需做到完美。

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