Daily Productive Sharing 1017 - Coping with reality

There’s some positive that came out of a generally negative outcome.

Daily Productive Sharing 1017 - Coping with reality
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How to Face Reality Without Avoiding It?

Herbert Lui offers several strategies for confronting reality without resorting to avoidance:

  1. Make a Plan: Even a hypothetical plan can help you see reality more clearly.
  2. Find Bright Spots: Look for positive aspects, even in negative situations, and focus on these bright spots.
  3. Redefine Goals: Avoid getting trapped by others' definitions of success; create your own definitions.
  4. Imagine Worse Scenarios: This can help reduce pessimism about the current reality.
  5. Deep Breathing: Take deep breaths to manage stress and stay grounded.
  6. Envision Long-Term Benefits: This can help you endure short-term pain by focusing on long-term gains.
  7. Focus on the Next Step: Take it one step at a time, concentrating only on the immediate next step.

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如何面对现实而不逃避?Herbert Lui 给出他的建议:

  1. 做计划:即使是一个假设性的计划也能帮你更好地看清现实;
  2. 从中发觉亮点:即使在很消极的事物里也有闪光的地方,多想想这些闪光点;
  3. 重新定义目标:不要陷入他人定义的成功,自己来重新定义;
  4. 想象更糟的情况:这样可以减少你对现实的悲观;
  5. 深呼吸
  6. 想象长期收益:这样可以帮你接受短期的阵痛;
  7. 关注下一步:一步一步来,只关注接下来的那一步。

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