Daily Productive Sharing 1018 - Slow Time

Time is yours.

Daily Productive Sharing 1018 - Slow Time
Photo by Grant Durr / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

How interesting can a day really be?

Craig Mod recently organized and participated in the Walk and Talk in Bali, a week-long island hike:

  1. Spending too much time in the jungle creates pockets of boredom, and these moments of boredom make you notice details that you normally wouldn't;
  2. The reason Walk and Talk is so rewarding for participants is because of this formula: a group of kind people doing interesting things together + an extended period of uninterrupted time = friendships forged through deep understanding and connection;
  3. You also start connecting many disparate inspirations—ideas, comments, and stories that appear on day one suddenly interlock with ones on day five or six.

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Craig Mod 最近组织参与了巴厘岛的 Walk and Talk,进行了一周的环岛徒步:

  1. 在丛林中度过过多时间会产生无聊的时刻,而这些无聊的时刻让你注意到平时无法注意到的细节;
  2. Walk and Talk 之所以让参与者收获满满,是因为这一公示:一帮善良的人在一起做有趣的事 + 一段长时间不被打扰的时光 = 一段深入的理解和联结铸就的友谊;
  3. 你还会将许多零散灵感联系起来——在第一天出现的想法、评论和故事,突然在第五天或第六天与其他点相互关联。

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