Daily Productive Sharing 1019 - More Time Or More Money

Time is the one thing you can give yourself in abundance.

Daily Productive Sharing 1019 - More Time Or More Money
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Which is more important, time or wealth?

Kevin Kelly, drawing on his forty years of travel experience, believes that time is far more important than money:

  1. When you are young, you have more time than money; as you grow older, you have more money than time.
  2. When you are young, due to a lack of money, you spend more time on travel, such as taking slow trains and detours. These experiences bring many unexpected rewards.
  3. As you grow older, although you have the money to enjoy faster and more convenient ways of traveling, you don't have as much time to enjoy it.
  4. Therefore, time is far more important than money, especially when it comes to travel.

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Kevin Kelly 结合自己四十年的旅行经验,认为时间远比金钱重要:

  1. 年轻的时候,时间比钱多;年纪渐长之后,钱比时间多;
  2. 年轻的时候,因为没有钱,所以在旅行上只好花更多的时间,比如坐慢车,绕远路等等。当这些经历会带给你许多意外的收获;
  3. 年纪渐长之后,虽然有钱享受更快捷的旅行方式,更便捷的旅行方式,但是没有那么多时间可以享受;
  4. 所以时间远比金钱重要,至少在旅行上这点完全成立。

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