Daily Productive Sharing 218 - How to Do Weekly Review?

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今天的作者 Ben Kuhn 分享了他如何践行每周回顾:

  1. 每周六一早做的第一件事就是回顾本周的情况,通常要花费三到四小时;
  2. 在回顾开始的时候,他会读一些对他帮助很大的文章;
  3. 然后他会回顾本周做了什么;
  4. 然后他会记录自己的所思所想;
  5. 最后他会回答一些预设的问题来检视自己。



My weekly review habit

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Ben Kuhn shares how he does weekly review:

  1. Review happens first thing every Saturday morning.
  2. I start the review by re-reading some parts of my favorite essays of life advice.
  3. Next, I load the week back into working memory by reviewing what happened during the week.
  4. Based on the above I’ll write down a list of topics to think about, taking written notes on each topic as I think about them.
  5. I also have a set of recurring prompts that I think about every week.、

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My weekly review habit

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Every Saturday morning, I take 3-4 hours to think about how my week went and how I’ll make the next one better.
While each individual tweak is small, over the weeks and years they’ve compounded to make me a lot more effective.