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当你决定购买一件东西的时候,是如何做决定的?听从自我,还是被商家诱惑?Tynan 分享了他的决策过程:一是购买可以解决问题的东西,二是购买不可错失的物品。当然第二种购买会有一定的冲动因素,往往会让人后悔。


  1. 租了带白色家电的公寓,包括冰箱洗碗机和烤箱。第一次在日常生活中使用洗碗机,大大节省了家务时间,提升了做饭的频次;
  2. 公寓不带洗衣机,所以自己购买了带干衣功能的洗衣机。节省了晾衣服的时间,也不用在家里搭晾衣架;
  3. 趁着打折,在宜家购买了家具。购买前几周已经去实地查看了各种床垫,选了几款最硬的。正好有一款在打折,于是买了直接扔地上;
  4. 买了 Dyson 的吸尘器和风扇。之前一直在用 Dyson 的吸尘器,体验非常好;可以租的公寓比较大,现在吸一次地比较费力,早知道买扫地机器人了;
  5. 买了小米的电磁炉和电饭煲,大大提升了做饭体验;
  6. 买了 LG 的 ergo 显示器,4K,Type-C,自带支架;再也不用纠结什么第三方支架是否能支撑大屏了,唯一美中不足的就是支架有点矮,再高10厘米就好了;
  7. 宜家的双电机升降桌,比单电机的扎实得多,而且按照也简单多了;


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How I Make Purchasing Decisions

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When you decide to buy something, how do you make the decision? Listen to your ego, or are you tempted by the merchant? Tynan shares his decision-making process: one is to buy an item that will solve a problem, and the other is to buy an item that cannot be missed. Of course the second purchase will have a certain impulsive element that often leads to regret.

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How I Make Purchasing Decisions

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buying the right things is a good substitution for buying a lot of things, and I do take some pride in my habit of buying great things irrespective of any sort of advertising or hype.
There are two different ways in which I tend to begin a buying decision. The first is looking to solve a problem, and the second is upon finding an opportunity.
No matter how I start the buying process, I try to establish what factors I actually care about before doing my research.

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