Daily Productive Sharing 231 - How to Pick Important Things?

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Tim O'Reilly 在今天的文章中分享了如何选择重要的任务:

  1. 尝试做那些比钱更重要的事;
  2. 尝试创造,而不仅仅消费;
  3. 从更长远的角度来考虑;

具体而言,他也给出了不少例子。比如他创建 O'Reilly 时设立的目标就是 -- “changing the world by sharing the knowledge of innovators”,之后有不少成功的创业家都告诉他,自己创业之初就是靠着基本动物书起步的。是啊,哪一个程序员不知道动物书?



Work on Stuff that Matters: First Principles

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In today's post, Tim O'Reilly shares how to choose tasks that matter:.

  1. try to do things that are more important than money.
  2. try to create, not just consume.
  3. take a longer-term perspective.

Specifically, he also gives a number of examples. For example, the goal he set when he founded O'Reilly was -- "changing the world by sharing the knowledge of innovators", and a number of successful entrepreneurs have since told him that they started their businesses with several O'Reilly books. Yes, which programmer does not know books with animals on the cover?

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Work on Stuff that Matters: First Principles

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