Daily Productive Sharing 233 - Why Writing Well Is Important?

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Gergely Orosz 在今天的文章里解释了为什么写作对于职业发展很重要,以及如何提高自己的写作技能,尽管这些分享是偏向于软件工程师的发展,它们也适用于其他行业:

  1. 写作能让你的声音被更多人听到,比如邮件/文章等等;
  2. 越是往上升,对于写作的要求越高;
  3. 从读者而言,读到好文章肯定比差文章更容易买账;
  4. 提高写作的资源有很多,但是最终还是需要多实践,多修改。



Undervalued Software Engineering Skills: Writing Well

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In today's post, Gergely Orosz explains why writing is important for career development and how to improve your writing skills. Although these shares are biased towards the development of software engineers, they are applicable to other industries as well:.

  1. writing allows your voice to be heard by more people, e.g. emails/articles, etc.
  2. the higher the ladder you go, the more demanding writing becomes.
  3. in terms of readers, they are definitely more likely to buy into good writing than poor writing when they read it.
  4. there are many resources to improve your writing, but ultimately, you need to practice more and revise more.

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Undervalued Software Engineering Skills: Writing Well

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Skills that add a significant boost to the impact of any developer. One of these is writing.
It is with a larger organisation that writing becomes important for messages to reach a wider group of people.
Writing becomes essential to make thoughts, tradeoffs and decisions durable.
Things that should be made durable can include proposals and decisions, coding guidelines, best practices, learnings, runbooks, debugging guides, postmortems. Even code reviews.
For people to read what you write, it needs to be written well.
y writing well, you can scale your ability to communicate efficiently to multiple teams, to an organisation or across the company.
the ability to communicate and influence beyond your immediate team is the essential skill for engineers growing in seniority
Being aware of the fundamentals, re-reading your own writing and ruthlessly re-editing is the next step in becoming a better writer.
Invest in this skill to scale your ability to get your message to others, becoming a more influential engineer.