Daily Productive Sharing 234 - Don't Wait for Permission

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不要等待别人的许可,这是我们经常听到的一条建议,但是当它出自一位版权律师的口中,就显得格外珍贵:当你无法找到原作者时,就先开卖,但是保留一切追寻 ta 的证据,等到 ta 联系你的时候,拿出这些证据,然后付钱给他们。但是不要等,先开始卖。当我们要做出尝试时,往往会被一些细枝末节的事物所困扰,比如当我们想要做饭的时候,突然发现盐没了,或者当我们要出门的时候,发现手机的电量不足。这时候我们放弃做饭呢?还是放弃出门呢?相信今天的分享会给你明确的答案。



Never wait.

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Don't wait for someone's permission is a piece of advice we hear all the time, but it's especially valuable when it comes from a copyright lawyer: when you can't find the original author, start selling first, but keep all the evidence of finding the author, and when the author contacts you, provide that evidence and pay them. But don't wait, start selling first. When we want to make an attempt, we often get caught up in the smallest things, such as when we want to cook, we suddenly find that we are out of salt, or when we want to go out, we find that the battery of our phone is low. At this point, do we give up cooking? Or do we give up going out? Today's sharing will give you a clear answer!.

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Never wait.

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“Sell it anyway. Don’t wait for permission. Save the proof that you tried your best to reach them. If they contact you to ask for money some day, pay them then. But never wait.”
Success is your top priority. Never let anything stop you.