Daily Productive Sharing 237 - How to Read by Wes Kao

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Wes Kao 总结了自己阅读多年的经验:

  1. 读更多的书并不是目标;
  2. 了解自己为什么要阅读;
  3. 不一定要读完整本书;
  4. 如果为了娱乐而阅读,那就仔细品味每一页。
  5. 如果为了改变你的想法,那么当你改变了想法时就可以停止阅读;
  6. 图书馆是你被低估的好朋友;
  7. 你有可能比作者知道得更多;
  8. 重读好书;
  9. 主动阅读,而不是被动阅读;
  10. 在空白处写下笔记。


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How I read books

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Wes Kao shared her experience from years of reading:

  1. More books isn’t the goal.
  2. Understand why you’re reading.
  3. You don’t have to read the whole book.
  4. If you’re reading for entertainment, savor each page.
  5. If you’re reading to change your mind, stop when you’ve changed your mind.
  6. The library is your underrated best friend.
  7. There’s a chance you might know more than the author.
  8. Reread good books.
  9. Read actively, not passively.
  10. Write notes in the margins.

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How I read books

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In every major turning point in my life, I’ve turned to books.
I’ve literally given myself therapy using books.
You can reread books, they won’t judge you or be impatient with you, and you can go at your own pace.> If the book doesn’t speak to you, find one that does.
You don’t have to finish fast just to check it off your list. You’re allowed to take your time and enjoy yourself.
I only buy books I’ve already read and know are worth buying. Borrow 95% of what you read from the library (and give a donation when you can).
The book stayed the same, but you changed—so you’re going to get new takeaways.
Active reading is connecting the dots with what you already know and believe.