Daily Productive Sharing 239 - What Do I Think About Work After Getting Drunk?

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  1. 推进职业生涯的最好方式是更换公司。
  2. 如果我对某份工作不满意,可能就该换工作了。
  3. 我已经学会了对我的经理诚实。不要太诚实,但要足够诚实,这样我才能在工作中保持真实。
  4. 如果我每季度因待命而在凌晨2点被叫醒的次数超过一次,那么事情就严重了,我要么解决它,要么辞职。
  5. 好的代码是可以被初级工程师理解的代码。优秀的代码可以被 CS 一年级的新生理解。最好的代码是没有代码。
  6. 如果我发现自己认为自己是房间里最聪明的人,那么就该离开了。
  7. 我们应该雇用更多的实习生,他们很了不起。如果他们能质疑或批评一些东西,那就更好了。我喜欢实习生。
  8. 在家工作是最棒的。但缺乏白板的情况很糟糕。
  9. 我没有在 FAANG 工作过,所以我不知道我错过了什么。但我曾经雇佣过(或没有雇用过)FAANG 的工程师,他们也不知道自己在做什么。
  10. 头衔大多并不重要。你做了什么,你取得了什么成就。这就是人们关心的全部。
  11. 对每个人都要友善。不是因为这对你的职业生涯有帮助,而是因为善良本身就很有意义。
  12. 如果我在上个月没有从初级工程师或实习生那里学到什么,那就是我没有注意。
  13. 你知道作为一名软件工程师最好的部分是什么吗?你可以遇到和你想法一样的人,并和他们交谈。
  14. 成为一名优秀的工程师意味着了解最佳实践。成为一名高级工程师意味着知道何时打破最佳实践。
  15. 做我喜欢的事并不重要。更重要的是做我不讨厌的事情。
  16. 我越接近产品,越接近增加利润,我就越觉得自己有价值,无论我的工作有多大的技术含量。



Drunk Post: Things I've learned as a Sr Engineer

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Today's share is rather special because it is not a serious article, but rather a programmer's drunken speech. This post has a lot of unique insights, so it resonated with a lot of people.

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Drunk Post: Things I've learned as a Sr Engineer

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The best way I've advanced my career is by changing companies.
If I'm unsatisfied at a job, it's probably time to move on.
I've learned to be honest with my manager. Not too honest, but honest enough where I can be authentic at work.
If I'm awaken at 2am from being on-call for more than once per quarter, then something is seriously wrong and I will either fix it or quit.
Qualities of a good manager share a lot of qualities of a good engineer.
Good code is code that can be understood by a junior engineer. Great code can be understood by a first year CS freshman. The best code is no code at all.
The most underrated skill to learn as an engineer is how to document.
If I ever find myself thinking I'm the smartest person in the room, it's time to leave.
We should hire more interns, they're awesome. Those energetic little fucks with their ideas. Even better when they can question or criticize something. I love interns.
For beginners, the most lucrative programming language to learn is SQL. Fuck all other languages.
Third party recruiters are leeches. However, if you find a good one, seriously develop a good relationship with them. They can help bootstrap your career.
How do you know if you have a good one (recruiter)? If they've been a third party recruiter for more than 3 years, they're probably bad.
Work from home is the tits. But lack of whiteboarding sucks.
I've never worked at FAANG so I don't know what I'm missing. But I've hired (and not hired) engineers from FAANGs and they don't know what they're doing either.
My self worth is not a function of or correlated with my total compensation. Capitalism is a poor way to determine self-worth.
Titles mostly don't matter. Principal Distinguished Staff Lead Engineer from Whatever Company, whatever. What did you do and what did you accomplish. That's all people care about.
Later in your career, title changes down are nice. That way, you can get the same compensation but then get an increase when you're promoted.
Be kind to everyone. Not because it'll help your career (it will), but because being kind is rewarding by itself.
If I didn't learn something from the junior engineer or intern this past month, I wasn't paying attention.
You know what the best part of being a software engineer is? You can meet and talk to people who think like you.
Since I work in data, I'm going to give a data-specific lessons learned. Fuck pandas.
Semi-technical because they know programming but not software engineering. This is a blessing because if something doesn't make sense to them, it means that it was probably badly designed. I love the analysts on the team; they've helped me grow so much more than the most brilliant engineers.
Being a good engineer means knowing best practices. Being a senior engineer means knowing when to break best practices.
The best demonstration of great leadership is when my leader took the fall for a mistake that was 100% my fault. You better believe I would've walked over fire for her.
Algorithms and data strictures are important--to a point. I don't see pharmacist interviews test trivia about organic chemistry. There's something fucked with our industry's interview process.
It's not important to do what I like. It's more important to do what I don't hate.
The closer I am to the product, the closer I am to driving revnue, the more I feel valued regardless of how technical my work is. This has been true for even the most progressive companies.
Not all great jobs are in Silicon Valley. But a lot are.