Daily Productive Sharing 241 - A Not-to-do List

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学会说“不”非常重要,对我们的待办事项说“不”也同样重要。Anne-Laure Le Cunff 就给出了一些具体的“不”建议:

  1. 不要经常查询邮件;
  2. 不要在书桌上吃午饭;
  3. 不要参加无用的会议;
  4. 不要滥用 time blocking;
  5. 不要在社交媒体上花费太多时间;
  6. 不要回复每一封邮件;
  7. 不要晚睡;
  8. 不要把手机带到卧室里;
  9. 不要取悦每一个人;

类似的 not-to-do list 还有很多,比如不要把手机上的提醒都打开。你有什么不做的事项呢?欢迎和我们分享。



Not-to-do list: a conscious way to break bad habits

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Learning to say "no" is important, as saying "no" to our to-do list. Anne-Laure Le Cunff offers some specific "no" suggestions.

  1. Do not constantly check your emails.
  2. Do not eat lunch at your desk.
  3. Do not attend useless meetings.
  4. Do not abuse time blocking.
  5. Do not spend too much time on social media.
  6. Do not try to reply to every single email.
  7. Do not go to bed later than intended.
  8. Do not bring your phone into your bedroom.
  9. Do not try to please everyone.

There are many similar not-to-do items, such as not turning on all the reminders on your phone. What are your not-to-do tasks? Feel free to share them with us.

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Not-to-do list: a conscious way to break bad habits

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While to-do lists are powerful, a complementary method can further increase our productivity: the not-to-do list.
Each day, we waste resources because of useless tasks, inefficient processes, time-sucking products, and bad habits.
A not-to-do list is a way to identify these black holes so you can make a conscious effort to avoid them.
If you have trouble deciding what to do, just focus on not doing.
Generally, you want to add to your not-to-do list anything that is emotionally draining, out of your control, bad for your health, detrimental to your relationships with others, or has little impact on the value of your output.