Daily Productive Sharing 257 - How to Read 200 Books Within One Year?

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In last week's share we covered how to read a book a day Daily Productive Sharing 252 - 20210803, and today's post has similar advice on how to read two hundred books in a year.

According to the author, it is not difficult to read 200 books in a year: a nonfiction book has about fifty thousand words, and two hundred books is ten million words. Based on the average estimate of reading four hundred words per minute, it would take about four hundred hours to finish reading two hundred books. These four hundred hours seem like a lot, but compared to the time we spend on TV/cell phones in a year, this is nothing. Of course, he also gave a number of very specific advice, such as:

  1. put the book within reach so that you can pick it up and read it whenever you want.
  2. the first screen of the phone only has two apps, one is kindle, one is a tool to record his habits.

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How to read 200 books a year

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上周的分享中我们介绍了如何一天读一本书 Daily Productive Sharing 252 - 20210803,今天的文章也有类似的建议,如何在一年内读完两百本书。

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