Daily Productive Sharing 258 - How to Prepare A Cover Letter?

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When looking for a job, providing a cover letter is a very crucial step, but a very challenging one. Wes Kao offers a completely different way of thinking.

In her opinion, the most important thing about a cover letter is not to introduce yourself, but to sell yourself and make people feel that you are valuable. A good cover letter can answer the following questions:

  1. What part of this note mentions things that mostly benefit you? What about this benefits the other person?
  2. What immediate next action do you want them to take when they see your note?
  3. Why would this person eagerly say yes to your request?
  4. What perceived risks might this person have when reading your note?
  5. What are the semiotics and signals you’re sending?

As for how to that cover letter in hand, Wes also offers three specific suggestions:

  1. Remove parts of your cover letter that are self-serving
  2. Write down your strategy for your cover letter or cold pitch.
  3. Be strategic with the signals you send

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在国外找工作,提供求职信 (cover letter) 是非常关键的一步,但这一步又非常具有挑战性。Wes Kao 提供了完全不同的思路。

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