Daily Productive Sharing 259 - How to Be A Manager?

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As the experience of work grow, promotion to a management position may be a career choice for many people. In the software development industry, there is also a similar route from engineer to development manager. Today's presentation is from Gergely Orosz, a seasoned developer who has worked as a development manager at Uber, Microsoft, and other large software companies.

After being promoted from developer to development manager, the biggest confusion is whether to write code or not. To write or not to write? There are many similar dilemmas, so let's see how Gergely chooses.

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Things I've learned transitioning from engineer to engineering manager

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随着工作年限的增长,晋升到管理岗可能是很多人的职业选择。在软件开发行业也有这样的晋升路线:从工程师晋升到开发经理。今天的分享来自经验丰富的 Gergely Orosz,他曾在 Uber,微软等大型软件公司担任开发经理一职。