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When playing a game, we may be stuck in a certain level for a long time without being able to advance. At this point, taking a look at the cheat sheet will suddenly help us overcome the difficulty to advance. In fact, life is also the same way, we are stuck in a certain thing and can not move forward, then, if we ask someone who has experience, we may be able to quickly get through the difficulty.

Recently, when I was working out, I repeatedly had such experiences, such as practicing back squats. I felt discomfort on the front side of my knee during the previous exercise and asked the coach what was wrong. The coach had me do an air squat and pointed out that my weight was too far forward and my heels were not on the ground. So I changed my heel movement and within three weeks, the back squat grew 100 pounds, from only being able to squat 140 pounds to 245 pounds. Another example, the ski machine, I watched a lot of videos have not been able to get the point. I asked the coach, and she told me that when sliding, the lower limbs need to try to maintain stable, relying on the back of the thighs to slide. After changing this movement, the efficiency was instantly increased by 50%. Although private training sessions are not cheap, each session was very rewarding and allowed me to make great progress in a very short period of time, just like playing a game and reading a cheat sheet.

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