Daily Productive Sharing 264 - How to Debug?

Daily Productive Sharing 264 - How to Debug?
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Today's share is on how to solve code problems. It introduces Feynman's Law to debug, which was originally used by physicist Feynman to solve complex problems in three steps: 1.

  1. Write down the problem
  2. Think real hard
  3. Write down the solution

The biggest advantage of writing the problem down is that it can anchor our thinking on the bug. Because a bug may often involve many other problems. Like last week's Weekly Book Club, which introduced the book Innovation Stack, the idea is that many times to solve a problem that no one else has solved, it may take a bunch of innovative approaches, rather than one innovative approach. This also solves a bunch of problems together. In fact, writing code is often like this, when we encounter a bug that needs to be solved, it often leads to a bunch of bugs, so we need to solve them all together in order to solve the initial bug.

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Teach debugging

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今天的分享介绍了如何解决代码问题,其中介绍了费曼法则来 debug。这一法则最初是由物理学家费曼用来解决复杂问题的,分为三步。

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