Daily Productive Sharing 266 - How to Prioritize Your Tasks?

Daily Productive Sharing 266 - How to Prioritize Your Tasks?
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When we write down our to-do list, we often struggle to decide which to do first. Dai Clegg invented the Moscow rule (MoSCoW) to prioritize the different items.

MoSCoW is made up of the initials of the following four priorities.

  1. Must
  2. Should
  3. Could
  4. Won't

To implement it, we need to follow the following:

  1. each to do is prioritized according to the four items above.
  2. if we cannot prioritize a task, we give it a lower priority.
  3. 'Won't' is a very important part, Only when we learn to say no, can we have attention for what matters.

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The MoSCoW method of prioritization

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当我们写下待办事项之后,常常会纠结到底先做哪一样。这时候就需要给不同的事项安排优先度。Dai Clegg 发明了莫斯科法 (MoSCoW)则来安排他的优先度。

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