Daily Productive Sharing 267 - How to Remember What You Read?

Daily Productive Sharing 267 - How to Remember What You Read?
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FS gives a package of advice on how to remember what you've read, from active reading to taking notes:

1) Active reading

  • Choose great books
  • Get some context
  • Know your why
  • Intelligently skim
  • Match your book to your environment

2) Remembering what you read

  • Take notes
  • Stay focused
  • Mark up the book
  • Make mental links
  • Quit books

3) Now what?

  • Apply what you’ve learned
  • Make your notes searchable
  • Reread

Although a lot of the content has long been clichéd, some of it is still quite insightful. For example, he mentions that choosing a book is actually the first step in active reading, and screening out the books you find useful and interesting is a very crucial step. Another example is that reading a bibliography can help us reduce the time spent on picking out new books, and at the same time it is easy to help us build up an connections between books.

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How to Remember What You Read

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如何记住读过的内容?FS 给出了一揽子建议,从主动阅读到记笔记,无所不有。

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