Daily Productive Sharing 268 - Draft Everyday, Publish Occasionally

Daily Productive Sharing 268 - Draft Everyday, Publish Occasionally
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David Siver once tried to update his blog every day, and after a month he summarized his experience, the answer? No.

Although the total amount of writing increased, the quality decreased and broke his writing process. So he suggested that you can write a draft every day, but don't rush to publish it every day.

This newsletter is updated daily, but it is not written every day. For example, there were a few days last week when I wrote on the day I published it, so I couldn't even post it regularly, and I was personally under a lot of pressure. In the future, I will still prepare in advance and arrange for scheduled posting.

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Writing daily, but posting when ready

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David Siver 曾经尝试每天都更新 blog,一个月之后他总结了自己的体验,答案呢?

鉴于微博营销号 Bookthing 频繁抄袭我们,以下内容仅对会员开放,欢迎订阅支持:)

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