Daily Productive Sharing 269 - How Much Does Patrick McKenzie Make?

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The vast majority of companies have a system of pay secrecy that maximizes employer benefits. Patrick McKenzie does not agree with such a system and reveals his past earnings in this article.

  1. when talking about salary, never expose previous salary, because it will become the benchmark for the potential employer to offer salary.
  2. the maximum consulting fee he offers is 50k dollars / week.
  3. lowering the opening offer does not make your negotiation easier.
  4. if the client cannot accept your offer, instead of immediately lowering the price, you can adjust the output scope so that both parties are satisfied.
  5. when you make a high offer, you have more chances to choose clients.

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绝大部分企业都施行薪酬保密制度,这一制度其实能够最大化地保证雇主利益。因为不透明,雇主可以和每一个雇员谈判,这样就可能造成同工不同酬的状况,从而帮雇主节省成本。Patrick McKenzie 并不赞成这样的制度,于是在这篇文章里披露了自己过往的收入情况。

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