Daily Productive Sharing 271 - What is Two-minute Rule?

Daily Productive Sharing 271 - What is Two-minute Rule?
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The two-minute rule is a concept emphasized by David Allen in his book GTD, which states that if a task can be completed in two minutes, it should be tackled immediately. Why?

  1. instead of documenting such a small task and then performing it, it would take less time to finish it immediately.
  2. although a two-minute task is small, it may accumulate and bring us a lot of stress, so it is better to solve it immediately.
  3. the small two-minute task is completed, we also have the willingness to continue to complete other tasks as if snowballing.
  4. the best way to solve procrastination is to reduce the chances of procrastination.

An example is writing the introduction to this newsletter, which may take far more than two minutes, but is best written immediately after reading. So I choose to either not prepare or they are to read a recommendation and write the introduction immediately afterwards.

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The Two-Minute Rule: Stop Procrastinating With This Simple Trick

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两分钟法则是David Allen 在 GTD 一书中强调的一个概念,即一个任务可以在两分钟内完成的话,就应该立即着手解决。为什么呢?

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