Daily Productive Sharing 272 - What Did Om Think About Curated Contents

Daily Productive Sharing 272 - What Did Om Think About Curated Contents
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This is an article written years ago by Om Malik, founder of the famous media GigaOm, about his views on curated content:

  1. it reflects the tastes and thinking of the curator.
  2. it is valuable and better than algorithmic recommendations, but how to monetize in on it is still a problem

Now it seems that the way to cash in is slowly becoming clear, such as Substack / Ghost and other platforms.

Essentially, this newsletter is also a curated content, and today is just the first birthday. For the past year, we've been updating it with a recommendation every weekday, Monday through Friday, on the following topics

  1. Monday - Efficiency Optimization
  2. Tuesday - Reading and sharing
  3. Wednesday - Writing Improvement
  4. Thursday - Workplace Improvement
  5. Friday - long article recommendation

As of today, 271 articles have been updated. We have over 500 email subscriptions, over 300 sspai subscriptions, over 1900 Telegram channel subscriptions, and over 1200 members in Telegram groups. Thank you for your support this past year, especially the 58 of you who paid for it!

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The Curation Conundrum

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这是著名媒体 GigaOm 的创始人 Om Malik 多年前写的文章,介绍了他对 curated content 的看法:

  1. 它体现了主理人的品味和思考;
  2. 它是有价值的,而且高于算法推荐,但是如何变现还是个问题

现在看来,变现的方式也慢慢变得清晰,比如 Substack / Ghost 之类的平台。

本质而言,本电子报也是一份 curated content,今天刚好是一周年的生日。在过去的一年里,我们坚持每个工作日都坚持更新一篇推荐,周一到周五各有主题:

  1. 周一 - 效率优化
  2. 周二 - 阅读分享
  3. 周三 - 写作提高
  4. 周四 - 职场提升
  5. 周五- 长文推荐

到今天为止,一共更新了271篇。邮件订阅数超过500,少数派专栏订阅超过300,Telegram 频道订阅数超过1900,Telegram 群组超过 1200。感谢大家过去这一年的支持,特别是付费支持的58位朋友们!



The Curation Conundrum

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