Daily Productive Sharing 273 - How to Express Accurately?

Daily Productive Sharing 273 - How to Express Accurately?
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Choosing the right words and tones increases the accuracy of our expressions, whether written or spoken. Today's share is brought t+/o you by Wes Kao, who explains why it's important to choose accurate expressions and how to choose accurate expressions:

  1. when you are in a position of power, pay extra attention to the accuracy of your expressions;
  2. if you meet a person is full of absolute words, then that person is basically not to be trusted;
  3. words such as perhaps/maybe can express your credibility and also show the accuracy of your expressions.

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Tone and words: Use accurate and precise language

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选用准确的词语可以提高我们表述的准确度,不管是书面表述还是口头表述。今天的分享由 Wes Kao 带来,她介绍了为什么要选用准确的词语,以及如何选择准确的表述:

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