Daily Productive Sharing 274 - How to Lower Your Expectation?

Daily Productive Sharing 274 - How to Lower Your Expectation?
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Many posts about FIRE have written about how much wealth they already have and are still afraid to FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). The fundamental problem here might be the high expectations. Morgan Housel gave his own advice about expectation:

  1. don't let your expectations grow faster than your income.
  2. happiness is actually closely linked to expectations: the lower the expectations, the more likely you are to be happy.

In fact, this principle can apply not only to wealth, but also to other aspects of life. For example, one of the major causes of death in startups is over-hiring, often after raising a sum of money, they recruit people crazily, but the business can't keep up. If we refer to this, then even after raising money, a company should not recruit too many people, and the rate of recruitment should be lower than the growth of profits.

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翻看豆瓣 FIRE 小组,不少帖子都写了自己已经有多少财富还不敢 FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)。归根结底,就是预期过高。所以要回答如何 FIRE,首先要回答的第一个问题就是预期是多少。Morgan Housel 给出了自己的建议:

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