Daily Productive Sharing 275 - How was the Society Fragmented?

Daily Productive Sharing 275 - How was the Society Fragmented?
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Paul Graham reviews the impact of technological developments on American society in this article.

  1. the society has converged due to war and large corporations.
  2. in a converging society, the options available to individuals become very limited, and this limitation is everywhere.
  3. in a converging society, there is little difference in the income of everyone, and therefore individual value cannot be measured rationally.
  4. to pursue a reasonable personal value, one has to leave the big companies and start its own company.
  5. the birth of the Internet has changed a lot, one of which is that it has greatly reduced the cost of collaboration between companies, making it possible for small companies surviving.
  6. the prices of deregulated industries have dropped significantly, the most notable examples being long-distance telephone and airline industries.
  7. technological progress inevitably promotes productivity development, and productivity development inevitably increases income differentiation

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The Refragmentation

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Paul Graham 在这篇长文中回顾了技术发展对于美国社会的影响。其实不少影响放到中国的历史也一样,比如之前只有粮票肉票,装电话还有昂贵的安装费,等等。

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