Daily Productive Sharing 276 - What is structured procrastination?

Daily Productive Sharing 276 - What is structured procrastination?
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What is the nature of procrastination? John Perry, a professor of philosophy at Stanford, points out that procrastination is not about doing nothing; people often choose to do other things in order to avoid doing the most important things. John refers to this as structured procrastination. Specifically, structured procrastination is:

  1. setting an important and time-bound task.
  2. using this task above to push us to complete other less important tasks as soon as possible.

For example, it's not always easy for me to prepare DPS posts, but I usually choose to prepare them between breakfast and work. As I have to arrive at work regularly every day, so I need to finish preparing a DPS before I leave home. This cumulatively keeps the DPS updates every day.

Finally, I recommend the The Art of Procrastination by John Perry

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Structured Procrastination

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拖延的本质是什么?斯坦福哲学教授 John Perry 指出,拖延并不是无所事事,人们经常为了逃避做最重要的事,而选择做其他事。以他自己为例,他不太想写论文,于是吃完晚饭就去找本科生打乒乓球,这样一来,不仅锻炼了身体,认识了本科学生,也让人们认为他是愿意花时间在本科生身上的教授。John 将此称为结构性拖延(structured procrastination)。具体而言,结构性拖延:

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