Daily Productive Sharing 278 - What Can You Achieve by Writing a Book?

Daily Productive Sharing 278 - What Can You Achieve by Writing a Book?
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What exactly is the purpose of writing a book? How much money can you really make? Loren Sands-Ramshaw, author of The GraphQL Guide, describes their publishing journey.

  1. the odds of making a lot of money from a book are slim, and very few authors sell as well as Matrin Kleppmann; Daily Productive Sharing 228 - 20210630
  2. the biggest benefit of publishing a book is that it builds a reputation and lays the foundation for a future career;
  3. the share of the book varies from platform to platform, with traditional books receiving a very small share and the various online platforms giving a much higher share;
  4. to sell well, it not only requires to write well, but also to spend a lot of energy on marketing.

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写书到底为了什么?到底能赚到多少钱?The GraphQL Guide 的作者 Loren Sands-Ramshaw 介绍了他们的出版历程:

  1. 出书能赚大钱的概率很小,能像 Matrin Kleppmann 那样大卖的作者非常少;Daily Productive Sharing 228 - 20210630
  2. 出书最大的好处是能建立声誉,为今后的事业打下基础;
  3. 不同平台的分成比例不一样,传统之书的分成非常少,各家网络平台给的分成比例要高得多;
  4. 要想卖得好,光写得好没用,还要花大把精力在营销上。

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