Daily Productive Sharing 280 - How to Deal With Regrets?

Daily Productive Sharing 280 - How to Deal With Regrets?
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Life is full of regrets, but there are no regret pill in life, and how to deal with them is a lesson that always needs to be learned. Dr. Hannah England presents research related to regrets and tells us how to deal with them:

  1. Understand your choices
  2. Reframe your regrets
  3. Choose action

The last two points are particularly important.

  1. everyone regrets, but reframing regret is meant to help you find motivation to move forward, not self-hatred.
  2. if you are unsure of what action to take, it is better to take action than not to take action. Regret is less likely to result from taking action than from not taking action.

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The psychology of regret

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人生充满后悔,但是人生没有后悔药,如何对待后悔是一门一直需要学习的课程。Dr. Hannah England 介绍了与后悔相关的研究,告诉我们如何对待后悔:

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