Daily Productive Sharing 282 - A Booklist by bin Laden

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This is the list of bin Laden books published by the Office of The Director of National Intelligence. These are some of the books that were found in bin Laden's cache after he was killed, mainly books of intelligence value, but not all of them. From this list, it appears that bin Laden knew his opponents so well that he even dabbled in books like international law. If one considers his other reading, then he was very well read.

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这是 Office of The Director of National Intelligence 公布的本拉登书单。这些书籍是击毙本拉登之后,在他的藏匿处发现的部分书籍,主要具有情报价值的书籍,而不是所有书籍。从这份清单来看,本拉登把对手了解得非常透彻,甚至连国际法这样的书籍都有涉猎,真可谓知己知彼。如果考虑他的其他阅读,那么他的阅读量非常大。

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