Daily Productive Sharing 283 - How Does James Clear Write?

Daily Productive Sharing 283 - How Does James Clear Write?
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James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, describes how he writes:

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  1. positioning your content: after all, writing a book is easy, but selling a book is hard. To sell a book, you must first organise the content into topics that readers want to read;
  2. learn from others' writing styles: keep the sentence structure and replace the content with what you want to say, for example, he takes Shannon's Information is the resolution of uncertainty. to Writing is the antidote to confusion.;
  3. using Twitter to share ideas out first, both to get feedback from readers and to improve the ability to compress language;
  4. writing a book to deliver one's ideas and thus help more people.
  5. neither Atomic Habits nor Deep Work are not original concepts, but authors use phrases like these to package their ideas, so when you think of Atomic Habits, you think of James Clear, and when you think of Deep Work, you think of Cal Newport.

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How James Clear is Writing His Next Book

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Atomic Habits 的作者 James Clear 介绍了他如何写作,非常具有启发性。

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