Daily Productive Sharing 284 - Don't Call Yourself A Coder

Daily Productive Sharing 284 - Don't Call Yourself A Coder
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Patrick McKenzie is a veteran programmer, but he advises people not to call themselves programmers - why is that? He says this article is a README for new programmers, but in fact a lot of the advice in it applies to other industries too.

  1. Programming is just a tool, a tool that produces value is a valuable tool. Most code are written to solve business problems, so understanding the business problem to be solved is the key.
  2. from a business point of view, either to generate profit or to save costs, and code are written to serve these two purposes.
  3. programmers are thus hired for above purposes, not just to write code.
  4. programmers are often considered to be the cost centre of a company, so from a company's point of view, they often want to outsource these in order to save money -- to reduce costs, but of course quality is also compromised. Conversely, it is impossible to outsource the profit centre.

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Don't Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice

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Patrick McKenzie 是一位资深程序员,但是他建议大家不自称程序员,这是为什么呢?他说这篇文章是写给刚入行程序员的 README,其实里面很多建议也适用于其他行业。

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