Daily Productive Sharing 285 - What Makes TSMC Successful?

Daily Productive Sharing 285 - What Makes TSMC Successful?
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We recently recommended Acquired Introducing TSMC, and today's share comes from TSMC's founder Chung-Mou Chang's speech in April, detailing the history of the entire semiconductor industry, as well as TSMC's strengths.

  1. chip design requires skills but not much capital, while chip production is just the opposite.
  2. the willingness of Taiwanese engineers to stay in manufacturing is the biggest advantage, e.g. TSMC has a very low turnover rate of 3-4%.
  3. the convenience of high speed rail within the island of Taiwan, which makes it very easy to rotate engineers between TSMC's three bases - Hsinchu/Tainan/Taichung.

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Morris Chang's Last Speech

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我们最近推荐了 Acquired 介绍台积电的节目,今天的分享来自台积电的创始人张忠谋四月的演讲,详细介绍了整个半导体产业的历史,以及台积电的优势。

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