Daily Productive Sharing 286 - Work Smarter, Instead More

Daily Productive Sharing 286 - Work Smarter, Instead More
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At a time when 996 is all the rage, this article written by Patrick McKenzie many years ago is particularly valuable: Don't spend work more, but work smarter. Specifically, there are three tips:

  1. outsource what can be outsourced.
  2. automate what can be automated.
  3. save time that is unnecessarily wasted.


  1. just like a price war, your competitors can spend more time working, i.e. everyone involute together.
  2. if it's impossible to evaluate something, it's impossible to optimise it.
  3. assuming your hourly rate is a hundred dollars, you shouldn't spend time on something that can be fixed for five dollars.
  4. the biggest cost of outsourcing isn't money, it's time, so that also needs to be carefully evaluated.

Work Less, Get More Done: Analytics For Maximizing Productivity

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在 996 盛行的当下,Patrick McKenzie 多年前写的这篇文章格外有价值:不要花更多的时间工作,而要更聪明地工作。具体而言,有三部分:

  1. 将可以外包的外包;
  2. 将可以自动化的自动化;
  3. 将不必要浪费的时间节省下来。