Daily Productive Sharing 287 - Reading Brings You More Experience

Daily Productive Sharing 287 - Reading Brings You More Experience
Photo by Kourosh Qaffari / Unsplash

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Why read? Different people may have different answers. Today's article gives its own explanation: reading helps you to grow better by allowing you to experience life differently. For example, when reading a novel, we can quickly enter the world portrayed by the author and experience their joys and struggles. In real life, we don't always have a similar experience, so reading provides a perfect opportunity to experience it.

It does not matter if you are not yet in the habit of reading, the article offers several suggestions for building reading habits.

  1. Read What Interests You Not What You Think You “Should” Read
  2. Find just 30 minutes a week to read
  3. Create a challenge for yourself
  4. Don’t stick with a book if you’re not enjoying it

How Changing Your Reading Habits Can Transform Your Health

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