Daily Productive Sharing 288 - A New Form of Publishing

Daily Productive Sharing 288 - A New Form of Publishing
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Every was formerly the first bundle on Substack - Everything. today's share comes from the introduction when they set up their own website this year:

  1. a total of 750,000 subscriptions, with 2,400 paying subscribers, a pay rate of roughly 0.32%.
  2. the model of the new site is somewhere between a blog and a magazine, with a lead for each topic and a number of contributors underneath.
  3. each leaad will receive 50% of the paid revenue from the subscriptions to the topic, although Every will pay a portion of the costs up front to help the lead build the topic.
  4. if the lead decides to leave the platform, he or she can take the list of subscribers under that topic with them.

It's actually quite an interesting experiment, with some very famous authors and investors.

They also explained why they wanted to make such a platform.

  1. When you write together, you don’t need one person to have both business knowledge and writing talent.
  2. When you write together, you don’t have to publish so often that you risk burning out.
  3. And finally, when you write together, you can form a culture that pushes you to write from a genuine sense of curiosity, expertise, and interest, rather than clout-chasing.

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Introducing Every

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Every 的前身是 Substack 上的第一个 bundle — Everything。今天的分享来自今年他们成立自己网站时的介绍:

  1. 一共750000订阅,付费用户2400,付费率大概是0.32%;
  2. 新网站的模式介于 blog 于杂志之间,每个主题有一个主理人,下面有若干撰稿人;
  3. 每个主理人可以获得从该主题订阅的50%付费收入,当然 Every 会先行支付一部分费用帮助主理人建立主题;
  4. 如果主理人决定离开平台,可以带走该主题下的用户列表。