Daily Productive Sharing 293 - How Can Writing Save Us?

Daily Productive Sharing 293 - How Can Writing Save Us?
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Can writing be used for healing?

Rachel Jespen believes that writing is a form of self-exploration that helps us look back, look forward and see ourselves through a different lens. So writing can certainly be used wisely to heal.

Specifically, she suggests trying:

  1. narrative therapy
  2. expressive writing
  3. the four things that matter most
  4. future writing
  5. write together

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How Writing Can Help Us With Grief and Trauma

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Rachel Jespen 认为写作是一种自我探索,可以帮助我们回顾过去,展望未来,通过不一样的视角来观察自己。所以合理地利用写作当然可以疗伤,可以治愈。


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