Daily Productive Sharing 294 - Learn to Invest

Daily Productive Sharing 294 - Learn to Invest
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What do you need to do to retire with nothing to lose? Calm's CTO, Will Larson, reflects on his own experience of building wealth over the years:

  1. he saved some money in his first six years of work, but just dropped it into a bank account.
  2. he started using a robo-advisors service in his seventh year and filled up his 401K.
  3. he was introduced to Bogleheads as an investment strategy and actively practiced it.
  4. he become more familiar with investing and begin to diversify.

The so-called Bogleheads investment philosophy consists of the following.

  1. make a good workable plan.
  2. invest early and as often as possible.
  3. don't be overly risky or overly conservative.
  4. diversify your investments.
  5. do not attempt opportunistic investing.
  6. use index funds whenever possible.
  7. keep investment costs as low as possible.
  8. simplify your investments.
  9. Stick to the above.

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想要衣食无忧地退休需要怎么做?想要财富自由怎么做?Calm 的 CTO -- Will Larson 回顾了自己过去多年的财富积累经验:

  1. 工作的前六年攒了一些钱,但都只是丢到银行账户里;
  2. 第七年开始使用类似 Vanguard 之类的投资服务,并且把 401K 充满;
  3. 接触 Bogleheads 这一投资理念,并且积极实践;
  4. 更加熟悉投资之后,开始投资的多元化。

所谓的 Bogleheads 投资理念有这么几条:

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